EarthScope: The Beginning

It all started with a phone call from EarthScope and soon, I was hooked…

Dig the vault and install the equipment.

Laser Gyroscope, check.

Seismograph and communications, check.

Solar panel and antennae, check.

Seal the vault and bury it.

We are good to go, and transmitting!

On July 22, 2012 EarthScope Station M49A was sending data online.

I had to test it by stomping on the ground at regular intervals. I discovered that  it automatically dampens the waves so overall amplitude can be compared.

So, What is EarthScope? A huge project that involves installing hundreds(eventually thousands) of seismographs across the nation. This project is in its 9th year starting on the west coast of the U.S. and finishing on the east coast. Ideally each station is 70Km(43 miles) apart. Each station sends data via microwaves(cell phone) to headquarters in the state of Washington. There it is sorted, analyzed and released online for anyone. From the data, earthquakes are being studied in ways that were never before possible. Scientists can also get a better understanding as to what is going on far below the surface of the earth.

If you want more information…

A Map of other stations =

To look up other stations. =

Tutorial. =

Neat earthquake reporting website. =

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  1. […] Lots of equipment was intalled…(See the September Blog, “EarthScope the Beginning“.) […]

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