EarthScope: Mowing and a quake in Russia


8/14/2012 : The biggest “blip” at a little after 17:00 UTC (1:00 PM EDT)  was me mowing, while at a little after 3:00 UTC (11:00PM EDT)  a 7.7M earthquake hit off the coast of Russia (Sea of Okhotsk). The waves of this quake took 11 minutes to travel 5,490 miles(8,835Km) to our little station M49A. It is indeed a small world.

Notice the waves continue and finally calm down a little before 5:00 UTC (1:00AM EDT on 8/15/2012) The earth’s crust is like a deep lake of dirt and rock. It behaves like water…..The waves continue to bounce around for hours…..Still we feel nothing…A good thing…

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