Baling, Baling, Around the Seismograph…


It was time to bale the hay….(Right machine, just wrong color….)


This would be the right color, but unfortunately not the one used today….

So, what does a tractor and baler look like to a seismograph?


You can see a little baling yesterday (top green tracing). It took longer to get all the way around the field.  Today (bottom green) went faster on each round.

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Retired science teacher that is learning to blog...

2 thoughts on “Baling, Baling, Around the Seismograph…

  1. mhamlinnorthweststate says:

    Really, does color matter?

    • Mike says:

      Actually, yes. It is a tradition out here.
      The color is the trademark of the company that makes the equipment.
      There were many colors that would claim bragging rights,
      The numbers are dwindling.
      In this area it’s John Deere GREEN and Case International RED

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