Science Toys

To explore the world of science, you need only your senses and a curious mind…..But if you want to go where few people have gone before, you need scientific tools(toys)….Looking for a science toy that is cheap and will open your mind to a whole new world? A simple magnifying glass, of decent quality, is a terrific place to start. It’s cheap, dependable and very easy to use. Who here has not used a magnifying glass to look at gross things or burn objects with a point of sun light?

If you find yourself (or a little person) wanting more, look for one of these….Image

It is called a dissecting or stereomicroscope. It is very simple to use and not that expensive. I spotted this little beauty in an antique store. The owner commented during my purchase, “Do you collect microscopes?”   My reply,”Are you kidding? This is a Bausch & Lomb dissecting scope for only $35!!!!!! This is a BARGAIN!…… She paled……”. In all honesty, some of you have seen these things and had no idea what they can do. With a little time and practice, a microscopic universe can be opened for you to explore. The hardest part is learning how to focus by turning the large black knobs at the sides.

Models and companies will vary a little, but the design is the same. See the two eye pieces(lenses at the top)? They move in and out to adjust for big or little explorers. The only modification I made on this one is to add a LED headlight to the arm to provide light for viewing. A simple desk lamp will do the same.



Hannah (my youth science advisor) fell in love with this thing immediately! Once you get the interpupilary distance adjustment set…..(WHAT?……Move the eye pieces so it matches BOTH your eyes)….and learn how to focus…… the microworld is yours!….

Question? : Is she looking at……bones?  Yep! Bones of mice. Stay tuned for a blog on mouse bones found in Owl Pellets.

Want to see a preview of a whole new world that awaits?…..Look below…

The world is yours to explore!

Caution: If you decide to look at an engagement ring with this optic toy, you may be disappointed to see the flaws in your “perfect” stone…

Give that man in your life a break! No one is supposed to see a diamond under THESE conditions!

They still love you more than any carbon crystal(diamond) can symbolize!


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