What’s Wrong with My TV?

One of our “many” readers sent us a link on a problem that occurred this weekend…

ESPN, Comcast Sports Coverage Also Affected By Equinox 

Our stellar person may have more to add, but I found this….


The short version? All those TV satellites, that we enjoy, float in the SAME position above the earth. When the sun is eclipsed by one of those satellites, we lose our TV reception and need to run to the fridge for another beverage while we wait for the earth to rotate a little more….You can’t cheat physics nor a simple “shadow”. Why am I strangely reminded of the movie Independence Day?

Perhaps the term “simple shadow” is misleading. If the big network dish, the TV satellite and the sun are all in the same line, then the dish is getting blasted with all sorts of electromagnetic waves from the sun. The TV signals get mixed up with the sun’s rays. More like a “very noisy shadow”. This alignment occurs twice a year. How to fix the problem? You could spend millions and put a backup satellite in position… or…. Just open another beer and wait a few minutes…your call.

Thanks, Jeff!


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3 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with My TV?

  1. Jeff says:

    Thanks for sharing this with the group, Mr. Hamlin. Glad I could contribute.

  2. jzhamlin says:

    Good catch on this one Jeff. I have never heard of that but it makes pretty good sense!

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