Having a Little Fun with Light

So in the previous post I wrote a bit about seeing a dim object with a long-exposure shot; the low amounts of light slowly collect, adding up to a visible and more clear image.  But what else can you do with an open shutter? Well, you can get weird.


You’re essentially capturing light in a bottle. You’re taking everything that happens while that shutter is open, and slapping into one…single…image. Anything that has light, and pops into the frame, is then in that image, along with whatever light is behind that image after, or before it arrived. Any object that moves becomes a blur or continuous streak.


So you can leave the shutter open, and sign your name into thin air. Or…you can flash a light on yourself, move around, and create your own person hoard of ghost clones, wandering out from the darkness.  Some artist far more advanced than I, create very intricate works of art involving long-exposure photography, and they are pretty darn cool.


All you need is a camera with a shutter release, a remote and/or a timer, an open mind, and some free time. Have at it friends.


3 thoughts on “Having a Little Fun with Light

  1. Amy says:

    This last one is spooky!!! Very cool!

  2. songbirdrw says:

    Your name in the sky still amazes me. It’s my favorite. how many tries did it take?

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