OH! Canada?


The west coast of Canada got some shaking last night with a 7.7 quake at 3:04 UTC.

The large quake was followed by LOTS of aftershocks…

Our little station picked it up 7 minutes later at 3:11 UTC or 11:11 PM EDT last night.

“Shaken, not stirred.” Lots of people felt it but there are few reports of damage….Other than rattled nerves.

Check it out…


Here is a news report…


There’s more…


It’s a small world after all.

More info....

The town – Masset, BC, Canada.

How was their day? At least 50 aftershocks after the big 7.7!

A glass…no….a BOTTLE of wine for our nervous northern neighbors. EH?

Aaand it continues…











See the little blip at about 19:00? Masset Canada keeps getting a reminder that the earth is always in motion.

6.3 Magnitude at 18:54 UTC. Our station caught it, just minutes later, at a little after 3PM EDT this afternoon.

They have had four more aftershocks since that last one….All the aftershocks are too small for M49A…

Hang in there northern neighbors!


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One thought on “OH! Canada?

  1. songbirdrw says:

    What goes best with aftershocks, Red or White wine? Bless their hearts.

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