God is Great, Beer is Good, Slugs are Crazy

This past week, we lost power for three days in Cleveland; our house being one of the lucky ones. Some are still in the dark.

On the 3rd night, I left the house for a meeting and put a few beers outside to chill since using the fridge wasn’t an option. I came back, grabbed my beer on the way in, and felt something odd on the bottle. Not leaves, not a label….what was it? SLUGS!

There on the bottle, trying to figure out how to get in were two eager slugs. The bottle wasn’t open, but still somehow they knew what it was, and really wanted a sip for themselves.

I recall from picking up road-side beer cans, left by traveling #$*&!@ through the country that usually, slugs were inside. So I got online to learn a bit more. Slugs are known for being able to survive and eat just about anything. They are huge fans of the smell of fermenting yeast (beer), likely because in some way, it’s a sweeter version of the smell of the more putrid things they eat on a regular basis.


Slugs typically have a few ‘feelers’ or tentacles that help them ‘see’ their way around. Usually four total; two for seeing light, and two for sensing smell. Sensitive enough to smell beer…from inside an unopened bottle.


So to test what I read, the next night I again set out a beer for a few hours to chill, and sure enough, I caught two more thirsty mollusks looking for a cold one. Not today my friends. Not today.

One thought on “God is Great, Beer is Good, Slugs are Crazy

  1. songbirdrw says:

    Joe, I thought you were going to say you set out a glass bottle of something else and a bottle of beer to see if they truly had a preference or could discern the contents. I don’t doubt that they can smell it, and better yet, there’s a taste test in the making – see which brand of beer slugs prefer 4 to 1! 🙂

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