Critter Quiz

Name the critter below…

1. Very small. Its latest (and last) victim is only 2.54 cm (1 inch) long.

2. Note the long nose, small eyes and short tail.

3. Very smooth fur.

4. Considered by many (including me) to be the most vicious mammal on the planet(If body sizes were equal). It can kill much larger animals and it’s metabolism is such that it needs to hunt constantly. If you catch one in a live trap in cold weather it will starve and freeze to death without food and protection.


What is it?

Gross notes…

1. The victim is still alive as I type.

2. The critter is dead due to an encounter with a car tire earlier this morning. (Note paper towel.)


About Mike

Retired science teacher that is learning to blog...

6 thoughts on “Critter Quiz

  1. Mike says:

    Um, no…..Try again…..

  2. songbirdrw says:


  3. Joe says:

    Shrew! Am I wrong or do they have purplish/blue teeth?

    • Kadlub, Jeff says:

      Ok. My next surmise is a vicious mole. 😉

      Make it count, Jeff Kadlub 216-990-3297

      Sent from my iPhone powered by Verizon

  4. Mike says:

    Robin & Joe got it. Stand by for a new blog…On the Shrew…YIKES!

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