Consider the Shrew


“Though he be but little, he is fierce. That’s Shakespeare, boys! “


The actual quote is, “Though SHE be little, SHE is fierce.”

Midsummer’s Night Dream

Either way, it is one nasty little critter. I found a dead one in my driveway this morning. The little beast met it’s match when I either stepped on it on the way out to my car or I ran over it. That is a caterpillar in its mouth that was still moving when I picked the dead shrew up….



How tough is this creature? Even when crushed, it held onto its prey!


The autopsy results indicated blunt force trauma to the chest and abdomen with significant internal injuries.



Many species of shrews have pigmented teeth. (Good call, Joe!) After doing some searching, it is possible that this one is the North American(Northern) short tailed shrew….which, by the way, has a poisonous bite….A fact that I did not know until AFTER the autopsy….

If you want to see this little demon in action, check out the video below. (Not for the timid.)


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