Let it Snow!


I caught this beauty this morning, I call it a “double”. Notice 12 points instead of 6? This is my first double….I think….my brain and fingers are still chilled.

This blog is thanks to one of our “many readers” reminding me that it was snowing and I should get my microscope out again. Unfortunately I did not catch anything on the first day of this session(yesterday) due to the sun….


Black glass is ideal for catching snowflakes. The glass is smooth for closeups and the black provides a perfect background for lighting….Sadly, black also absorbs light/heat even on cloudy  cold days….It’s amazing when everything is frozen solid but this plate. Even handling the plate warms it up enough to melt flakes. The nice thing about making the plate circular is that you can rotate it to get the right angle…


This is what happens when you get the right angle. The light source needs to come from one direction and reflect straight up into the lens….Slowly rotate a potential keeper and voila! This is that incredible “sparkle” you you see looking across the snow on a sunny day. The sparkle effect is due to you moving. Try to hold still and focus on just one flake. Now think about the the total number of snowflakes there are falling on just one snowy day! If I understand correctly, it’s still not the number of stars in the sky!


Temperature is rising. Notice this one…It soon fell as a drip. 😦


Single flake on the black glass. Even the small amount of heat from the cloud covered sun(and my breath), started to melt it. Needs to be VERY cold to get these.


I confess, I added color to this one. Imperfect but still amazing.

Snowflakes, like us, are unique. No matter how you look.


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Retired science teacher that is learning to blog...

One thought on “Let it Snow!

  1. songbirdrw says:

    Simply beautiful and amazing. still more stars than snowflakes? Wow, blows the mind. Thanks for the new pics.

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