Science vs Government? Not this time…

Like many of you, I am now working on my taxes and usually get angry….Angry at how much I have to pay, while others pay little to nothing…..But NOT this time…..WHY?

It helps to know that some of my tax dollars are funding these…


Thank You, Uncle Sam!

Add my #SS to the next one you build!


PS: Now this is a first! Our taxes are done and ready to file. We actually WANT to file for assorted reasons…. You may have discovered this too…..The IRS will not accept our return yet. The “Suits” in Washington have really messed things up….AGAIN!

True, Uncle Sam has our money and even owes us some…..We can wait…

Do drones come in different colors?

Can we go online and customize one?

Can some of our taxes go to the space program too?……PLEASE?

God Bless the USA!

About Mike

Retired science teacher that is learning to blog...

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