Mouse in the House

A Strange “Tail” of “Nears & Fars”…

I caught a mouse the other morning, which is nothing unusual for this old farm house.  However what is unusual, is the mouse I caught……


I have always called these little critters,  “White Footed Deer Mice”

No worries, we get these little bandits all the time…..

Then I noticed….. NO TAIL!

Time to Google….Hmm….

Turns out that my term “white footed dear mouse” is actually two different species…The white footed mouse and the deer mouse. The way you tell them apart? Their TAILS! The deer mouse tail is longer and has two distinct colors above and below.

This mouse? I conclude that it’s a “white footed/deer mouse”. 🙂

What about the “Nears & Fars” you ask?   Read on…..


This mouse is clearly a mature male…..

As you can see, he has a penis(red) and two testes(blue). His anus is the black spot below the blue arrows.

(Yes, that black spot is emerging poo….Sudden panic tends to do that.)

Note the distance between the anus and the penis? That is a “far”, meaning the distance is relatively large….(An additional hint to declaring this specimen a male is the fact that he is…er…was certainly “mature”.)

A female would be a “near”, meaning her urethral/vaginal opening would be between the blue arrows and the black spot.

So, what about that missing tail? That remains a mystery….And the mouse is not talking.  😦

The area where the tail should be, was a slight bump that was normal flesh tone with a little hair…..Either he lost it at an early age or was born without it…..Either way, he did well tail-less…..At least up until he tasted the peanut butter…one…last…time…..SNAP!

 “The early bird may get the worm,

 but it’s the SECOND mouse that gets the peanut butter!”

 NOTE: Unfortunately, Animals were harmed in the making of this post.