Traveling Back In Time

This came across my Twitter feed from Astronomy Magazine last week, and I thought I would send it out with a quick commentary:


PHOTO CREDIT: V. Tilvi, Texas A&M University/S.L. Finkelstein, University of Texas at Austin/C. Papovich, Texas A&M University/CANDELS Team and Hubble Space Telescope/NASA

Recently astronomers snagged this image: the most distant galaxy ever to be photographed, 13.1 billion light years away. We are looking 13.1 billion years back in time, in a universe that is only an estimated 13.8 billion years old. That means, this image shows what conditions in our universe looked like just 700 million years after the big bang and the creation of…well…everything.

Pretty heavy stuff, as Marty McFly would say.

700 million years to us is a heck of a long time, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that long at all; just 5% of the total age of the universe. It’s sometimes tough to think about these numbers in ‘human terms.’ So, let’s mix things up. Let’s say the average age of our MANY, MANY SUBSCRIBERS is 40 years old. So for the sake of this representation, think of our 13.8 billion year old universe as you; a 40 year old person. 5% of a 40 year old person is just 2 years.

So think of your 40-year-old self as the same age as our universe. You’re standing in a great big room and you can somehow see all the way back to 1975. Imagine being able to see your environment, and even seeing other people that you know have to be roughly your age, when they were just one or two years old.

Seeing a galaxy in an environment so ‘new’ is interesting because it puts us so close to the big bang, and so close to when the universe we know and love today came to exist. To me, it offers a great way to pass the time, trying to imagine what was here before there was a here, where it all came from, and why we’re here at all. It’s an attempt at imagining the unexplainable.

It’s like being a 40 year old, and trying to describe what your day was like 41 years ago. It’s just as difficult to imagine rewinding the clock on the environment in this picture more than 700 million years. There was no universe, there was no space, no time, no elements, no light, nothing. There are lots of theories. Depending on your religious views, the universe before then could lie in the hands of a Creator. We may not ever know, but…it’s still pretty cool stuff to try and think about.

Enough from me…read it from the pros:




Lessons with Light


Some of you may have seen these pics before. Anyone can create cool and crazy images with just some lights and a camera.

Set the shutter speed for 10-15 seconds. (Some of you may have cameras that go even longer.) For such a long shutter speed, you need a small bright light and very dark background. Also the camera needs to be supported or attached to a tripod. Get your light ready, trigger the camera and draw! The rest is simple trial and error. You will be amazed how quickly you figure it out.

Don’t have a laser? No problem….

IMG_1015Just stand in front of the camera and draw with a bright light. Joseph posted this some time ago. He discovered that you simply use your opposite writing hand and write backwards.

Move the light(s) or move the camera…..Either way you can get some cool images…


(Consider your Christmas lights.)


So, do you have a camera, at least 1 small bright light and some darkness to play with?  If so, get out there and create!




Tour of the October Night Sky


The night sky has been amazing these last few days. This is an effort to help you see some of the wonders over your head…and give me some practice at getting this blog going again. 😉

There is a Power Point presentation below using various pics of the night and early morning sky…

Download….Enjoy…..and feel free to send questions or suggestions.

Here we go….Click on “Stars.pptx”    (This file is 30 MB in size and will take a little time to download……Hope it is worth the wait and hassle.)

“Hold on to your butts, [this may not work].”