Lessons with Light


Some of you may have seen these pics before. Anyone can create cool and crazy images with just some lights and a camera.

Set the shutter speed for 10-15 seconds. (Some of you may have cameras that go even longer.) For such a long shutter speed, you need a small bright light and very dark background. Also the camera needs to be supported or attached to a tripod. Get your light ready, trigger the camera and draw! The rest is simple trial and error. You will be amazed how quickly you figure it out.

Don’t have a laser? No problem….

IMG_1015Just stand in front of the camera and draw with a bright light. Joseph posted this some time ago. He discovered that you simply use your opposite writing hand and write backwards.

Move the light(s) or move the camera…..Either way you can get some cool images…


(Consider your Christmas lights.)


So, do you have a camera, at least 1 small bright light and some darkness to play with?  If so, get out there and create!




About Mike

Retired science teacher that is learning to blog...

One thought on “Lessons with Light

  1. songbirdrw says:

    loved these photos! especially the bat; but the Joe photo is a classic.

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