Tour of the October Night Sky


The night sky has been amazing these last few days. This is an effort to help you see some of the wonders over your head…and give me some practice at getting this blog going again. 😉

There is a Power Point presentation below using various pics of the night and early morning sky…

Download….Enjoy…..and feel free to send questions or suggestions.

Here we go….Click on “Stars.pptx”    (This file is 30 MB in size and will take a little time to download……Hope it is worth the wait and hassle.)

“Hold on to your butts, [this may not work].”


About Mike

Retired science teacher that is learning to blog...

2 thoughts on “Tour of the October Night Sky

  1. songbirdrw says:

    Hey, enjoyed the slide show! didn’t get many right, but it was fun.

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