It  has been a long time since my last post…..So long, I’m having troubled editing. 😦

I’ll get to the point….

Have an opinion on “fracking” and injection wells?

Think they have something to do with causing earthquakes? Read on….

Below is a screen shot of the United States compliments of the USGS…

It shows some recent quakes in the nation. Some areas, like Calfornia, are regulars to the shake rattle & roll.

Oklahoma however, is not an historic earthquake zone. Oklahoma? You OK?

Oklahoma with USGS










Oklahoma has been rattled with many earthquakes for the past few years. I noticed it when I would check on our Station M49A each morning. Then I did some searching.

To steal a quote….

“We’re doing something we should not be doing.” -JZH

I’ll let NPR give you the rest of the story.






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