Mike, Shut Up!

I got a call from the fine state of Washington a few months back. A charming Maia ten Brink asked if I would be willing to be interviewed for the USArray about our station M49A. Why not?…..Several times during the interview I found myself in “word vomit” mode, blabbing on and on after Maia (MY-ah) asked a simple question. It is a curse with me…..In a blur, over 90 minutes past and I was still talking……Oh, dear……

Her article has been posted. To my delight this very talented writer took my yaking and made sense out of it…….Enjoy


You can find more of Maia’s articles at….


Sadly, our little station will be shut down in May. It’s tour is almost over. I am now collecting links so I can continue to witness what’s happening on our third rock from the sun.





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Retired science teacher that is learning to blog...

One thought on “Mike, Shut Up!

  1. Joe says:

    GREAT article!

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