Creature in the Tree

Step 1: Find a tree. This is a willow. Fast growing but a messy pain in a few years. Never should have planted it in the yard.  It was dying, time to go.


Step 2: Cut tree down and haul out branches and brush. Good news: Chain saw rips through willow. Bad News: Willow is terrible fire wood…… Ponder on what to do with THAT….Hmm, I see a “creature” in that chunk. See it?


Step 3: Pull the beast away from the trunk and flip it with a tow strap and the Escape. The neighbors are still talking about that show. “What the heck is he doing now?”


Step 4: Begin amputation of non-essential legs. This octopus now has 8 or 9 legs, depending on who is counting.


Step 5: Visualize the octopus trying to break out of the wood. Saw, take breaks, saw some more, wave at the drive-bys, go inside until traffic dies down.


Step 6: Experiment with eyes…They need to be big. Went online to view drawings…..Oh, dear…my eyes are not even close to a “real” octopus. Heat and exhaustion are taking a toll. (Beep, beep! More waving…)


Step 6: Kill grass under octopus and sweep sawdust under. Sip cold beverage and wave at the traffic.

It occured to me that you need a scale of the size of this beast….




Worst Blogger on the Planet


It has been over a year since my last post. Pathetic! I am not even sure how to post new items anymore.

After cutting down a tree, a decision needed to be made as to what to do with the main branch/trunk. Solution? Flip it and saw away! I have a silly video of the process….Nope, wrong file type….Looks like I need to relearn. 😦

I received an amusing email a short time ago that got me started on blogging again. That story to follow, I hope.