Did You Feel It?

One of our “many” readers sent me this…”Did you feel last night’s[4/21/2016] aftershock?” See, (NBC 12. com)

I check out my favorite USGS site and got this…Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 1.02.59 PM

This one is “small” but the closest one to date to our new station….Gotta check with Jeff Fox @ OGS

His reply: “Waaaay too small to be seen at that distance (643 Km)[400 mi]. There was a M2.2 in western PA (345 Km)[214 mi] on Monday that we couldn’t see at your place…just too small and distant…sorry.”

So I ask myself, “Self, just how sensitive is Sation LCHO?” Let’s find out!

After calibrating my watch to UTC I head out to the site and do this..

  1. Run in place next to the station for 10 seconds. Then wait one minute.
  2. Make a stomp with one foot and wait another minute.
  3. Make a “Gorilla Stomp” with both feet.
  4. Head back to the house and confess to Jeff about my seismic silliness and give him the time stamp to search.(I’m sure he is getting sick of my emails.)

The results…

Stomp Testing

Conclusion: LCHO certainly is sensitive but there are limits in technology.

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Retired science teacher that is learning to blog...

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