Hurricanes Go Underground Too?

hurricane-matthew-10-8-2016You know you are a nerd when you have a seismometer site open on your computer all the time. On Saturday morning (10/8/2016) I discovered this while sipping coffee. Whaaaaat? (Click to enlarge.)

FYI: This is an image on a “normal day…”

normal-day-2016-10-12-at-6-40-04-amI sent the image to Jeff Fox at OhioSeis…Here is his very prompt reply…

“Microseisms from the hurricane [Matthew]. As we move into winter, you will see the background noise levels increase as north Atlantic storm waves batter the east coast. They are in a certain frequency band that is well known to seismologists. The ocean shore wave energy propagates across the entire N American continent. Pretty cool stuff.”

Cool stuff indeed, Jeff

Here is what LCHO picked up from Hurricane Matthew…

hurricane-matthew-lcho_hhz_oh_-2016101100 The “noise” at the top is night traffic and morning traffic is at the bottom. In the middle you clearly see the “microseism” waves created by the hurricane pounding the shores ~ 700 miles (0ver 1000km) away.

Just when I thought I had heard everything about the power of these storms….Go back to the “Normal Day”image , click to enlarge, and look close…See the tiny ripples?…The giant earth “bell” is still ringing today (10/12/2016) from the pounding……wow….

These waves are super small and we would not feel them. But I wonder about a horse….Any horse people notice odd behavior with their “gentle giants” on Saturday?



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