It  has been a long time since my last post…..So long, I’m having troubled editing. 😦

I’ll get to the point….

Have an opinion on “fracking” and injection wells?

Think they have something to do with causing earthquakes? Read on….

Below is a screen shot of the United States compliments of the USGS…

It shows some recent quakes in the nation. Some areas, like Calfornia, are regulars to the shake rattle & roll.

Oklahoma however, is not an historic earthquake zone. Oklahoma? You OK?

Oklahoma with USGS










Oklahoma has been rattled with many earthquakes for the past few years. I noticed it when I would check on our Station M49A each morning. Then I did some searching.

To steal a quote….

“We’re doing something we should not be doing.” -JZH

I’ll let NPR give you the rest of the story.







Science vs Government? Not this time…

Like many of you, I am now working on my taxes and usually get angry….Angry at how much I have to pay, while others pay little to nothing…..But NOT this time…..WHY?

It helps to know that some of my tax dollars are funding these…


Thank You, Uncle Sam!

Add my #SS to the next one you build!


PS: Now this is a first! Our taxes are done and ready to file. We actually WANT to file for assorted reasons…. You may have discovered this too…..The IRS will not accept our return yet. The “Suits” in Washington have really messed things up….AGAIN!

True, Uncle Sam has our money and even owes us some…..We can wait…

Do drones come in different colors?

Can we go online and customize one?

Can some of our taxes go to the space program too?……PLEASE?

God Bless the USA!

Sad Science

At 2:57:51 UTC today North Korea detonated an underground nuclear bomb for the third time. That would have been almost 9:58 PM last night for us. MORE THAN ONE of our many readers had a question. BOTH of them asked if Station M49A picked it up.


The red arrow marks the blast time. Shock waves would have passed under the farm within 20 minutes after that. Notice there is very little activity after(right of) the red arrow when you compare it to the normal seismic “noise”. So the answer is, No.

The USGS (US Geological Survey) did pick up the test and rated it at 5.1 magnitude. You can see the dot marking the spot if you go to their website.

To read about this test –>  Cleveland.com

Want an opinion of an old grumpy science teacher? North Korea is that brat that lives on the next block. Even his parents(China) can’t seem to control him and they have admitted to being embarrassed about his antics. Well now, the brat has a gun and a handful of mismatched bullets. He is threatening to shoot anyone that won’t give him what he wants. The brat is legally blind and we are on the other side of the world. Let his parents worry about him.

Me? I’m going to have a drink, ponder the odds of getting hit by lightning (or that asteroid) and then I am going to bed.