Salton Sea Shaker

California is all too familiar with earthquakes. But even they have noticed a recent change…

There has been a drastic increase of quakes in the Salton Sea…WHERE?screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-10-35-02-am

(Click to enlarge USGS Images)


These are small earthquakes in Southern California over the past week. “Normal” for them..

Look at the little lake, east of San Diego..


OH, MY…All in the past week.

There are LOTS of little faults in this area and some of them are slipping…

You know the big fault that runs diagonal in this image, the San Andreas…(Thin red line above dots.)

The sound bite the media is using is the, “domino effect”…

You can read more here…

Salton Sea Temblor Swarm Prompts State Advisory On Risk Of Major Quake

or here…

“The earth is always moving, while we can only ride along.”








Finding Fault with the Neighbors

First: A special thanks goes out to James B. Short of Montpelier, Ohio for introducing me to our own local geologic fault. ALSO Jeff Fox (Ohio Seismic Network) for all his guidance and bringing LCHO back from the dead!

Now a map…Farnsworth Metro Park, south of Waterville, OH

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 3.15.41 PM

Like me, you may have driven right past it many times and never saw the sign…


Bowling Green Fault


100 miles Long? Where does it run?

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 7.04.28 AM

(Earthquakes of Ohio)

See it? Now let’s try putting a road map over it….

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 7.07.48 AM

Yes, this is crude. Get over it….Find I-75(Red) between Bowling Green and Findlay. The BG fault runs south from Michigan, west of I-475 and I-75 then crosses south of Findlay.

Also notice there is a fault that follows the Maumee River to Lake Erie.

So what kind of fault is it? According to my connections at Ohio Seismic Network,  ” Those faults are either dormant or dead. It’s hard to determine the stresses on the fault unless they slide, and it’s been a long time since that has happened…as far as we know!”

Long time indeed….

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 7.23.25 AM

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 7.25.06 AM

(Ohio Seismic Network)

Note: The green star in Williams County (far NE) is Jim Short’s Station NTLK. Wood County has station BGSO (Bowling Green University)…LCHO is between these two stations and will be online….”soon”.

The “big one” in Ohio was the 1937 Anna Quake M5.4 (East-Central Ohio)

Those little ones (19 by my count) in the Maumee and BG fault area were recorded between 1937 and 2011. The magnitude range was from 2(few will notice) to 4(felt by most people, some dishes/pictures fall, cracked plaster.) ((Ohio Seismic Network)

So…. There is no such thing as “solid rock”. It can be very firm, but never stationary. The only thing constant, it change.

Now here is my hike around my first real fault.


Past the historic marker down the steep path towards the river.


Noted…but odd….it’s not a trail but it’s a trail?


Down the “trail/not trail” looking back at historic marker…


Picture on marker. Solid yellow lines were at same level 400 million years ago. Broken line is BG fault.


My pic…

BG Fault Stata 8-22-2016 mzh

My image with red dots for same level and broken red is the fault.


Close up on left.


Close up on right…


“My fault”, in the middle with knife for size.

I know it is not very easy to see this. I was there and am still confused…The point is the rock is layered(normal) but slanted and twisted(not normal).

My plan is to return when the the vegetation is gone this fall, take better pics, then stand in the middle and wait for the BIG ONE. 😉


Toto Too?

Joseph just captured this amazing pic from the front of his home…Water Spout off North Point









I, for one, have never had the pleasure of sighting a waterspout. Nor, thankfully, have I been in the path of it’s nasty BIG brother!

Google ON!….GAAAAAA!……I have been trying to find a simple explanation, WITHOUT ads and pop-ups… HA! Found one….FINALLY! Our tax dollars at work…

waterspout for full story…

In short…for these to form you need large cumulus clouds that hold lots of moisture. A column of air forms due to the slight temperature differences in one area of the water surface. Warmer air rises over that area and cool air moves in over the water. That air is then warmed and rises. (NO SPOUT YET). The warming, rising, filling in, warming, rising, filling in continues…..But just like water moving down a drain, the column of air begins to rotate slowly. The process continues and the confused boater will see nothing but a strange dark area in the water. The rotation is making ripples in one spot while it picks up speed. The speed of rotation gets to the point that the pressure inside the column is lower than the outside. This pressure drop usually starts up at the cloud….PLUS this column is loaded with water vapor. Everyone knows when you drop the pressure (or cool) air that is full of water vapor you get…say it with me….FOG!  Only this fog is rotating fast as it falls and spins from the cloud above.

QUESTION: YOU are the one in the boat, watching this unfold. What should you do?

A)  PANIC, jump out of the boat and swim to shore.

B) Take the boat to the middle of the dark spot and have your phone ready for a great selfie.

C) Move your boat away from the dark spot/waterspout.

I am hoping you picked “C”. Many waterspouts are just “fair weather waterspouts” that move very slowly, if at all, and only last a short time. But the winds are surprising high.

Larger “storm waterspouts” are the wet versions of the nasty cousin, the tornado. Both of which can’t hold a candle to the infamous firestorm.

Water spout 2

Water Spouts by Britiannica

Imagine seeing THIS from your yard…


Fire Storm (

See what is happening? Super hot air rising…”cooler air” moving in from the right and left side. HOT column of rising gas in the center begins to rotate….and… Toto pees in his basket!

Let’s slow down and cool Toto off a little…..

Many of these have passed across the fields on a hot day…


Dust Devil from ABC News (with video)

Similar tune, different lyrics. These dust devils form on hot days and usually clear skies. Hot air will rise in a certain area. A hot parking lot, or field of dirt, surround by cooler grass. Rising column of warm air, cooler air rushes in, it rises forming a larger column…..Column of air rotates, stirring up dust and dog, and up they go! (Turkey vultures will find these rising air masses and glide all afternoon with very little effort.) Add a light breeze and the whole thing will move across the land until something breaks up the wind pattern. Once, I actually stood in the middle of a little dust devil, which was pretty “cool”.

Time for bed, Toto…


Noisy Neighbor

I had the privilege of attending an Ohio Seismic Workshop and wanted to share some discoveries.

First: TWO quakes are recorded in each image below. They were so close together in distance and time, the results overlap and blend.

1st Quake = M7.2 near New Caledonia (East of Australia) on 8/12/2016 at 1:26:35 UTC (21:26:35 EDT)

2nd Quake = M6.1 South of Fiji Islands at 3:29:27 UTC (23:29:27 EDT), just two hours later!

Distance between the two? ~840Miles (1,352 km)

Surface Distance to LCHO? ~8,166 miles (13,142km) (Remember shock waves go deep and take short cuts.)

Below is BGSO (at BGSU), closest neighbor to LCHO. Notice you see “calm” before and after the waves caused by the quakes. BGSO is an older station and it not as sensitive. Can’t see the two quakes? Either can I! Image throwing two rocks in a quiet pond and watching the resulting waves reach the shore. The waves will blend and continue for a long time (Well over 2 HOURS! A huge ringing bell!) (Click on Image to Enlarge)

BGSO New Caledonia AND Fiji 2016-08-12 at 8.53.46 AM

Notice the first ripples of a quake start around 21:46 UTC or 20 minutes later ! The shock waves travel 8,166 SURFACE miles, (less distance moving BELOW the surface) in only 20 MINUTES!

Below is new “sister” station KLSO in Champaigne County, Ohio (West of Columbus)

You notice far sharper tracings and little disturbances of unknown origin. This indicates the new sister station is far more sensitive than the earlier models.

KLSO New Caledonia AND Fiji.2016081200

AND FINALLY…below is the new, but VERY NOISY “brother” station LCHO.

You see the blended quakes but also notice all the TRAFFIC NOISE?

It’s the traffic noise that distorts the recordings. This creates a problem for seismologists that use the fine details of the waves to determine info about each quake and the nature of the rock formations below. Imagine trying to listen to a concert surrounded by loud barking dogs.

LCHO New Caledonia AND Fiji.2016081200

The experts are discussing ways to filter out the noise. My vote is to let it be, so we get the big picture.

Next up, I was told there is a fault line very close to our station…Stay tuned for, “Finding Fault with the Neighbors!



Why I Love Science

The Problem: Jeff Fox (OGS) sent me an email about strange spikes occurring at our little station, even in the middle of the night. He had a hunch that it was nearby traffic and asked me to collect some data and report.

My Mission: Sit out at the station and record traffic. Note the vehicle and time (UTC). It was raining, but water is not a variable in this experiment. Good science can not wait for good weather.

Procedure: I park my car next to LCHO, tune in NPR, crack open A Great Lakes IPA, and get to work! (I made two Gorilla Stops at the site to calibrate my time to UTC.) My dedication to accurate observations was rewarded by the results below.

Results: Email from Jeff: “Success my friend! That was the best email I’ve read in a LONG time! Thanks for putting a smile on my face and reminding me why I like doing this!  Attached is a PDF of your recordings, and it is confirmed that the noise is cars driving by!  Easy to remedy and filter out.  Thanks a bunch!”Noise experiment LCHO-1.jpg

This is one of the many reasons why, I Love Science!


It’s ALIVE! … (again.)


Yes, Station LCHO is transmitting data again!

The process to retrieve that data is cumbersome (since it is not online), but with time the procedure will improve.

Here we go…Image.jpg These are three tracings on 4/16, 4/17, 4/18 at 1AM from LCHO on the farm…

Jeff Jox (Ohio Seismic Network) was curious about the “noise” (spikes). That mystery will need to wait for another blog…(We don’t know, YET!)

I requested images from a recent quake…


This is a 7.8M in Equador 4/16/2016

Just under 3,000 miles away and the shock waves reached LCHO in 8 minutes.

Data from BGSU Station…

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 1.49.37 PM.png

Notice the vibrations lasting for OVER 3 HOURS? I asked my “Man Underground” about that…

JEFF: “Yes…lots of waves bouncing around and circling the planet for several hours. Earth rings like a bell during quakes. Waves from M9 quakes can be seen for months!

I need to stop on that…..WOW!

Got a question?     Just ask!