Standing on the Wire…

In our last episode, Mike was hiking around Farnsworth Metropark and noticed this…


It took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on.




Yep, this is one of those Horizontal Directional Drills (HDD). Whaaaaaat?

I kept walking and taking pics…

Look close. I did not see it on the first pass. See the wire?

I turned around…


Where does that wire go?

Went back to the parking lot…


See them? Bet you don’t… I move in closer…


Two cement bricks, painted orange, in very shallow water. Still closer…


See it? The wire continues across the river….IMG_9304

The wire crosses the river to an orange stake on the other bank. (Above and left of seagull…)


Trust me, it’s there.(Click on Image to enlarge)

So this HDD is drilling a line under the Maumee River….It’s the Nexus gas line project. I never thought about the fact that it needs to cross the river. WOW….How does THAT work?

Check out the video…

Nexus Project Map and Q&A

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 7.56.40 AM

You can see this project while driving on the Ohio Turnpike near Sandusky.

The other side of this issue.. Fresh Water Accountability Project

No mention of the BG fault being a concern. If you look at my last post, Finding Fault with the Neighbors, you will see that a risk of a major quake is low for NW Ohio and slightly higher in Eastern Ohio. If there was a major earthquake, the gas line problem would just be one item on a long list of the destruction caused.

The earth is moving in all directions, all the time. We are just along for the ride.

And finally…. Where am I on this one issue, out of so many today?…..I’m “Standing on the Wire.”




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