Salton Sea Shaker

California is all too familiar with earthquakes. But even they have noticed a recent change…

There has been a drastic increase of quakes in the Salton Sea…WHERE?screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-10-35-02-am

(Click to enlarge USGS Images)


These are small earthquakes in Southern California over the past week. “Normal” for them..

Look at the little lake, east of San Diego..


OH, MY…All in the past week.

There are LOTS of little faults in this area and some of them are slipping…

You know the big fault that runs diagonal in this image, the San Andreas…(Thin red line above dots.)

The sound bite the media is using is the, “domino effect”…

You can read more here…

Salton Sea Temblor Swarm Prompts State Advisory On Risk Of Major Quake

or here…

“The earth is always moving, while we can only ride along.”








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